Divine Angels Care & Support is a provider of individualised care & support services open to adults and young adults transitioning from children’s services to live within their communities from the age of 18.

We are a private independent provider working with Health and Social Care commissioning teams or directly with you if you hold an individual budget or self-fund.

We associate with a range of housing providers to provide suitable high quality accommodation.

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Divine Angels Care & Support’s core beliefs are its aims and values:

Divine Angels Care & Support’s key aims are:

  • To provide high quality, person centred services that meet the individual needs of our customers.

  • To ensure our services are accessible and flexible. 

  • To recruit and develop highly skilled employees.

Divine Angels Care & Support ’s Values which reflect the way we will work are:


We will be customer focused

  • Providing outstanding and reliable services.

  • Respond to our customer’s needs quickly.

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction is high.


We will act professionally

  • Involve customers in all aspects of their care and support.

  • Apply the highest standards and best practice.

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Mission Statement:

Divine Angels Care & Support will always strive to provide consistently high standards of care and support every time. We will consistently invest in our employees to ensure they are skilled and knowledgeable as the deliverer of these services with our customers.

Our staff are very important to us in delivering our mission, aims and our values.  Our staff are responsible for:

  • Delivering our services with customers and managing service delivery

  • Represent Divine Angels Care & Support standards with our customers, families, stakeholders, existing and future partners

  • Initiating, participating in and supporting the delivery of business improvements for the benefit of our customers and employees

Miss Harpreet Chohan

Harpreet Chohan has 22 years' experience within the care & support sector working nationally. Harpreet has worked nationally with commissioners to meet the strategic needs for accommodation for those that require support across temporary accommodation, supported living, care leavers. Harpreet has worked with national companies such as Allied Housing, Aldwyck housing, One housing group.  

 CEO -  Divine Angels Care & Support 

 CEO -  Divine Angels Care & Support 

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Angela Stoneley

Angela Stoneley has  30 years local authority experience in working with vulnerable adults managing regulated care and support provision, commissioning roles and managing adult social care finance and business support. I have since worked in housing provision for supported accommodation and freelanced as a health and social care consultant.

Business Development Director -  Divine Angels Care & Support